MINDnic is a holding of different small companies, each specialzed on a certain topic, working in a specific area. The provided services target to meet the customers needs in a lean way, without any big head counts and focusing on the particular customer’s problem.

Vision and Strategy

MINDnic stands for MIND and „network of intelligent corporations„, a target focussed approach bringing MIND into corporations. MIND ist not just intelligence or brain, it’s about what we feel, think, perceive, will, and especially reason – we call this „multi-dimensional“. Thus it’s about the smart use of brain in a mindful way, considering very different dimensions in and for a network of companies.

MINDnic summarizes the experience of several colleagues from several working areas. MINDnic is an unique approach to combine the two most important business areas in these days: Green Technologies and Communication. Linking one to the other will open the possibility to grow the business AND protect the environment. The postulates of the free market economy is often reaching its limits when it comes to the greatest value we have, the environment. But it is in deed possible not only to merge these two targets but also to let them profit from each other.

The Holding aims at these two targets, considered as being mutually exclusive: Growing the business by protecting the environment – and vice versa: protecting the environment by growing the business.

Reaching a well-balanced, good fit (better would be: perfect fit – but not yet reachable) needs Intelligence and Strategy. We believe, that it is of utmost importance that new technologies (which helps us in protecting our environment) will be able to gain markets (where money can be earned). And even of more importance is the fact that a wrong approach, an inaccurate evaluation of such a technology will jeopardize both, the environment and the business.

MINDnic will bring them together by its knowledge and experience in the related areas, highlighting marketing aspects (which in the end is of importance for marketizing a new technology)